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Step 1:

You tell us how many Mobile Self Storage units you need and where / when you need them delivering and we deliver the Mobile Self Storage Unit(s) to your property.

Step 2:

You load your items into the Self Storage unit (alternatively we can help you load if required).

Step 3:

We collect from your property and store the items in our secure warehouse in Cheshire.

“We used a storple trailer when we were redecorating our house. The trailer arrived on time and was big enough to store our possessions. The team who arrived to collect the trailer were polite and professional and I felt I could trust them with my things. We have now finished redecorating and have our possessions back from store. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a storple trailer to anyone needing storage.”

Miss Bowes, Warrington

“We required a short term secure storage solution for our archive files whilst a new file room was created on site. We booked two Storple trailers to transport and store the archive files. Everything from the initial enquiry, to the trailer delivery and collection was simple and efficient. With Storple being part of the Johnsons family, we knew we could trust them to deliver and we would recommend Storple to anyone.”

Office Manager, Trafford Park.

“I was moving my daughter from her student accommodation in to a new flat in Manchester, however the leases didn’t start and end at the same time. So instead of transporting all my daughter’s things back to our family home in Kent, which would have taken multiple trips. We hired a storple trailer and stored my daughter’s possessions for two months. This made life so much easier and saved me driving a lot of miles back and forth between Kent and Manchester.”

Mrs Callery, Kent



When you mix Mobile Self Storage with a blend of our simple service delivery process, you get Storple (simple storage)

Offering our customers a hassle free, cost effective, door to door Self Storage solution that negates the need to hire a van or make those dreaded multiple trips to a traditional Self Storage unit, using your own vehicle.